The Production Manager manages and organises a production workshop (processing of fine sheet, painting, assembly). She/He guarantees quality, costs and adherence to delivery time scales for our products.

She/He supervises teams of between 80 and 100 people. By managing costs and product delivery time scales, and in conjunction with supervisors and team leaders, s/he communicates well and leads progress groups. As part of the development plan, she/he initiates and leads necessary improvement activities in technical, organisational and personnel areas.

The Production Manager is required to have a high level of technical training (engineer or equivalent level), who is a genuine manager on the ground capable of taking on a position with real responsibilities.



The leader is responsible for a production area organised into 2x 7 hour shifts, pulling together around thirty operators and team leaders. She/He ensures the safety of the people she/he is responsible for, and ensures that orders are met in accordance with quality requirements and time scales.

To achieve this, she/he must manage and lead their people.

The leader is required to have trained to technician level and a natural leader with total commitment.