Clestra Hauserman has acquired a new design tool that makes it possible to model data on the space to be partitioned and to incorporate BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology. This smart process, based on 3D models, makes it possible to design, adapt, customise and visualise the partition in its space in image form.

Clestra Hauserman’s design tool is of valuable assistance in selecting the partition, its colour, its texture, and its accessories. Using it makes it easier for both the final user and the prescribing architect to reach a decision; it makes it possible to streamline the prefabrication operations, cuts delivery times, and reduces the amount of waste generated during fitting. Convivial in use – with its judicious system for capturing and customisation, it projects the image of a defined space into which it is easy for users to project themselves.

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Métropolines 1 
Métropolines 2 
Irys Classic