The concept of IRYS ROAD SHOW was created from simple old sayings. It says "Action speaks louder than words" and "A picture is worth a thousand words". With these in mind, instead of explaining IRYS with words, IRYS ROADSHOW was created to bring "experience" to our clients and partners. A new way to experience office space that shares infinite range of possibilities.

IRYS ROADSHOW allows both CLESTRA HAUSERMAN's subsidiaries and clients or partners in different markets to gain in-depth understanding of IRYS. Starting its tour in European countries, from Hamburg, London and Paris, IRYS tour extends to USA and ASIA, thus around the world. It is an event that allows not only our clients and partners to discover IRYS, but to explore every interior and exterior aspect of the product first hand, including the acoustic, write-on, interactive CLESTRA MediaWall and many other features.

IRYS roadshow