After Hamburg, IRYS Roadshow continued on to London for an event held on 30th June under the arch of a bridge converted into a reception venue. IRYS and the BRIDGE had been installed the previous day. Everyone was very interested and impressed by IRYS. 

Andy Warner Lacey from HOK Product design in London, who was also present at the launch, had worked closely with the Clestra research and development team to achieve this exciting new concept. 

CLESTRA MediaWall installed in IRYS created much admiration and interest amongst the guests who were impressed by its capabilities. 

Before leaving, guests were invited to leave their comments on the whiteboard installed in IRYS to tell us what they thought. Visitors received an IRYS brochure and an eco-friendly desk plant, giving the opportunity to grow a tree in one of the virtual Clestra forests created in France, Senegal, Haiti and Peru through the website. 

A very successful event which we are sure will be remembered by all.