Following the successful events in Hamburg and London, IRYS continued on to  Paris on October 13th to be showcased at the headquarter of the  AccorHotels group in the Sequana Tower, together with the “Phone Booth” and the “acoustic pods”.

On arrival, guests were presented with Clestra Hauserman’s latest innovation IRYS as well as the  Bridge which were staged in the reception area of the Tower. A few days prior to the event, Clestra employees and customers of the AccorHotels  were given a preview during the installation of Clestra’s innovations and the products received much admiration.

Throughout the evening, in small groups, our guests were given the opportunity to visit the AccorHotels group offices and view the “Clestra Hauserman acoustic pods” which were installed on various floors of the building. These pods are very popular with users of the AccorHotels due to their excellent acoustic properties.

Our red “Phone Booth” inspired by London’s traditional phone boxes, comes complete with the latest technology such as speakers, mobile phone charges and USB ports. A perfect place to make phone calls in complete privacy.