On November 9th Clestra Hauserman, following three successful events in Hamburg, London and Paris, made its North America debut at Neocon East in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.

Clestra Hauserman presented its latest innovation known now to the public as IRYS and Bridge.  These “Live Walls” of color and evolving stages were made possible in collaboration with HOK Product Design. 
HOK are a team of designers who were an integral part to the development of IRYS and Bridge and who helped make it all possible.

Along with the eye catching appeal of the partition systems themselves, LEGO© models of several configurations were created to attract the attention of visitors and get them to “play” with IRYS and create their own customized versions.  An original idea to remember! 

Congratulations to Clestra Hauserman USA for a successful IRYS premiere at this year’s Neocon East.  We look forward to the future opportunities IRYS and Bridge will bring to our


* NEOCON EAST: Premier Design Expo and Conference for Commercial Interiors on the East Coast of the United States.