FIZZ BOX Collection



Need to isolate yourself, concentrate, get together?

Do you need to isolate yourself from the office and discuss work privately?

From the Clestra FIZZ BOX range you can choose a configuration that suits your needs.

An environment for concentration and focus away from the sometimes noisy open plan, Clestra pod rooms can achieve this.

Flexible and modular, Clestra Hauserman acoustic screens offer excellent acoustic insulative and absorptive qualities combined with a supply air system for unequalled working comfort.

In standard sizes, from 1 to 6 people, our free-standing rooms in the FIZZ BOX Collection range allow multiple possibilities in terms of functionality, integration, customisation and finishes. They can be adapted to your specific needs to create an ideal working space.

Completely transformable, moveable and reusable bringing a sustainable credential to meet the environmental and social expectations for today and the future.

With the FIZZ BOX Collection range, be innovative, think creatively