Clestra MediaWall

CLESTRA MediaWall: Bringing people + ideas together

CLESTRA MediaWall is a seamlessly integrated collaborative presentation solution that brings meetings to life, facilitates collaboration and increases productivity.

With CLESTRA MediaWall, the partition no longer serves to simply separate and define space, but also becomes a stylish vertical working surface for offices, meeting rooms, showrooms, lobbies and other open spaces.



Sharing information and ideas | CLESTRA MediaWall drives the workplace into a new era of collaboration. With its screenshare technology, participants can share information from up to 64 devices while a facilitator manages the screen share intuitively through touchscreen. Meetings become dynamic and knowledgeshare is taken to a new level.

There are three modes of use:

Direct display | CLESTRA MediaWall is a standalone platform where information can be shared directly to the screen through an inbuilt mini-PC or USB port, via the wall’s designated email address, or through a corporate network. There is no need for additional audio visual equipment integration.

WIFI connect | Users can easily and quickly share information from up to 64 devices – either a computer, tablet or smartphone through WIFI.

Videoconferencing | CLESTRA MediaWall can be used in videoconferencing mode through WebEx or other Skype-like systems. This provides an autonomous and nomadic solution.


A display solution

High definition display | CLESTRA MediaWall is not limited to collaborative solutions; its large screen, standalone and soundscape technologies mean that CLESTRA MediaWall is the ideal solution for showrooms, exhibitions and public spaces.

Using the inbuilt computer or USB port, CLESTRA MediaWall can be used to present corporate videos or public service announcements, and through a WIFI or intranet feed can be used for live streaming of data such as markets, appointment availability or travel information.

Speaker solution | With Clestra Hauserman’s soundscape technology, the partition itself serves as an elegant inbuilt speaker.

Data security | The safety of your data is assured; CLESTRA MediaWall serves only as a screen while all data remains safely on the user’s own device. Network security is WEP, WPA and WPA2 compliant.


Plug and Play

Prewired and ready to use | The CLESTRA MediaWall can be integrated into any of Clestra Hauserman’s partition solutions and acoustic performance remains assured. In line with Clestra Hauserman’s philosophy of prefabricated partition solutions, the CLESTRA MediaWall is prewired at the factory so that when it arrives on site, it is Plug & Play ready.

Ease of maintenance | A technical panel allows easy access for maintenance, and concerns over accountability are laid to rest as Clestra Hauserman provides a single point of contact with expertise in IT, integration and acoustic performance.



Open architecture and flexible design | CLESTRA MediaWall’s open architecture allows customisation for integration with enterprise applications and even highly specific software solutions. CLESTRA MediaWall is designed to be forward compatible, adapting over time to technological changes making it a truly scalable solution.

Aesthetically, the CLESTRA MediaWall does not limit an interior designer’s creativity, offering a freedom of choice with design, colors and finishes.


"The Media Wall: The requirements of the time, translated into space" by Thierry Pillon, professor of sociology