Synops is a steel monobloc ceiling, made to measure, of high precision and technical quality, it adapts to the nearest millimeter. This sound-absorbent ceiling allow the integration of a technical option Equalios. This low-energy and ecological conditioning option transforms Synops in a chilled ceiling.

Acoustic properties are the result of the product design, using sheet steel to produce the skins (high mass density) and therefore provide a maximum-volume internal air-cushion. Its monobloc factory finished design ensures optimum sound proofing. Synops offers a horizontal acoustic barrier: even after alterations of layouts eliminating the need for further acoustic barriers in the plenum. The rockwool added between the metal skins and the perforation of the facing steel panels further increases acoustic performance.

The Synops steel monobloc panel incorporates a water circuit flowing within a capillary lattice. The lattice is designed to fit in between the sheet steel skin and the mineral wool insulation, giving top thermal performance throughout the useful life of the ceiling. Only the push-fit connectors at the rear of the panel can be seen from the outside.