Smoking lounges


Clestra Hauserman proposes smoking lounges as spaces specially dedicated to smokers, easy to integrate in all physical location. Customized or standards, these cabins are self-ruling spaces adaptable to all building needs, including public and para-public buildings such as airports, manufacture, and offices any kind. Smoking Lounges of Clestra Hauserman are equipped with a mechanical extraction, totally independent and installed above the ceiling. It takes the air into the volume, set into depression, and rejects it directly to the outside of the building. This extraction can be associated to an air filtration, able to collect and treat smoke particles and gas, before rejecting it in the surrounding volume. No need any more to connect the exhaust to the outside.

These smoking lounges provide:

  • an environment without odour or passive smoking,
  • smokers and non-smokers are protected,
  • healthy environment with non-stagnation of the smoke,
  • respect the most strict regulationof the french law (Decree of November 2006),
  • reduce the intoxication of the smokers