Avito project

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Avito project

We have recently completed the development of the offices of the Computer Science Center Avito, whose objective is to be able to evolve the workspaces according to the size of the teams, the number of projects and their different stages of advancement.

Our Synops removable solution perfectly meets these requirements. It offers Avito users a real management tool that they fully appropriate. Attracted by this principle, the teams now benefit from vertical work surfaces and communication through writing walls, magnetic accessories, removable shelves and punishable absorbent panels. They can work freely and give free rein to their creativity.

Our Synops system also makes it possible to reconfigure their spaces easily, quickly and at no extra cost thanks to a 100% reuse of the initial layout. These transformations are carried out by our Services teams, at the request of Avito, and without generating noise, waste or indoor pollution.

For our client, this is a sustainable investment that allows them to continuously re-imagine their spaces, while respecting the environment, thanks to reusable and sustainable solutions guaranteeing optimal quality.