• Switzerland


Thanks to its high-end solutions, Clestra Hauserman was recently chosen to build the new French-speaking headquarters of one of the largest banking networks in the centre of the popular Eaux-Vives district in Geneva.

Here, it is the pleinAir solution that made a sensation with the customer. Completely transparent, it allows natural light to cross workspaces and thus improves the well-being and comfort of employees. Also acoustically powerful, it guarantees the confidentiality of exchanges during meetings or customer appointments.

Strength of proposal from a design and technical point of view, the Clestra teams have distinguished themselves by:

  • Installation of technical panels incorporating an electronic room reservation system.
  • The installation of fabric panels with acoustic properties.
  • Adding imposts to compensate for differences in ceiling heights.
  • Use of sandblasting technique to customize spaces.


As for the steel finishes, they offer employees spaces for exchange, information and storage via magnetic accessories available on our online shop Clestrashop.

Known and recognized worldwide for its unique know-how in terms of custom-made, Clestra Hauserman proves its efficiency in the details of finishes and in its ability to support customers in their projects, from manufacturing to customer service and installation.