Target 13


Management of the risks of pollution from construction products and equipment, use of materials which might be harmful to health.


  • Most Clestra Hauserman products are entirely factory-assembled. This monoblock construction guarantees the containment of the rock wool within the panels. There can therefore be no emissions of fibre in the construction phase, during the occupation of the building nor even when the partitions are moved.
  • The partitions are pre-painted in the factory. There is no need to glue on a finishing vinyl. Therefore, there is no possibility of emissions on site.
  • The Clestra Hauserman epoxy polyester mix lacquers applied in the factory are based on inert organic pigments. Absence of VOCs and any other on-site emission.
  • For wood finishes, the timber panels are labelled PEFC which certifies the principles of sustainable forest management. These panels meet the standard E1 which includes the monitoring of the use of urea formalin and formaldehyde.