Target 3


This target emphasises the reduction in construction site waste and a specific management of the latter, plus the control of other nuisances: the reduction of dust and mess created in the vicinity of the site.


  • Easy installation, with each component, whether a blank, glazed or doorway, arriving on site factory-finished. Elements are pre-manufactured and are not built on site, the work consists merely of the wedge key assembly of the panels. So there is no waste, no painting, no plaster and no mess.
  • Installation times are particularly short, thanks to the monoblock panel system. Site time is thus shortened, with a consequent reduction in the environmental impact.
  • Waste caused on the site itself is thus minimal, being almost solely due to packaging (wood) which, by its nature, recyclable. Handling of this waste is thus easy and will adapt to the project-specific site procedures or, in the absence of such procedures, we will take care of handling it.
  • Epoxy polyester mix lacquer finish: no on-site emissions.
  • No heavy metals in the paint pigments (especially lead chromate for yellow pigments) and a commitment to France's CSTB to comply with directive 76 769.
  • Wide range of colours, no need for glued-on vinyl: no on-site emissions.