Target 6


This target emphasizes the need for consistent pre-processing of business waste within the buildings, with collective policies for its processing. The business equipment and products are equipment and products necessary to the business (furniture, equipment and fittings for the business, upkeep equipment and products):

  • Design of business waste stores adapted to current and likely future collection methods.
  • Differentiated management of business waste, adapted to the current collection method.
  • Processing of waste (household, construction site, building). Their removal, namely: its handling, from the place it is produced (site) to its place of storage prior to collection. The handling of waste may require it to be packaged and or placed in containers for removal to the storage site. Any pre-processing prior to collection will allow a reduction in the waste produced and will limit tipping at a refuse site to absolute waste materials.


  • Clestra Hauserman partitions are designed to be very flexible. Should partitions be moved, everything can be recovered, without waste (see target 2, above). Waste management needs only to be discussed at the product's end of life.
  • Clestra Hauserman products have a life cycle well in excess of 50 years and a proven and demonstrated life cycle of almost 50 years (there are existing buildings with the company's original products (1960). This longevity significantly reduces the production of waste.
  • At its end of life, the partition is easily recycled as it contains only separate, recyclable components: steel and rock wool.
  • The products are easy to disassemble and remove. This exercise has already been carried over many years.