Target 7


This emphasizes the need to design buildings both to facilitate their operation and to reduce the environmental impact of this target. Maintenance (or upkeep) includes all of the activities whereby an asset is maintained in or re-instated to a state or given safe operating conditions, to fulfill a required function. Maintenance operations include inspection, breakdown solutions, repair and renovation.

  • Optimization of maintenance requirements.
  • Introduction of effective technical and maintenance management processes.
  • Management of the environmental effects of the maintenance processes.


  • Our partitions require almost no maintenance. An annual inspection procedure is put in place to check for the correct performance of the installation over time, and possibly to carry out repairs, whatever their origin (usually deterioration due to mistreatment).
  • The maintenance or upkeep processes require no harmful products. For cleaning, only soapy water is required.
  • Stock is reduced to the most basic expression: panels (blank, glazed, door), smooth upper part, smooth lower part, leads to simplified stock management.
  • Baked on powder coat surfaces provide a toughened surface that requires lower maintenance and less frequent painting as compared to traditional building materials.
Définition de HQE : La Haute Qualité Environnementale et ses cibles