Equality index between men and women: at the end of 2019, Clestra Hauserman achieved an overall result of 87/100.

The gender equality index is one of the new provisions introduced by the government through the “Freedom to choose your professional future” Act of September 5, 2018. It is calculated according to criteria defined by the texts and supports on 5 indicators. 

At Clestra Hauserman, we have made the respect of the equality between men and women a priority.  Every employee is considered according to his or her skills and work. Thanks to aligning our Human Resources policy with this measure, we reached the maximum number of points with 4 of the 5 indicators:

  • Pay gap between men and women: 29 points out of 40.
  • Difference in rate of individual pay raise between men and women: 20 points out of 20.
  • Difference in promotion rate between men and women: 15 points out of 15.
  • Percentage of female employee returning from maternity leave with a pay raise upon their return: 15 points out of 15.
  • Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 employees who received the highest remuneration: 10 points out of 10


For the coming years, Clestra Hauserman is committed to continuing this dynamic by taking new actions to further promote the gender equality within the company.

performances sociales égalité