Staff individual responsability

Improve the environmental awareness of our employees via individual and collective environmental initiatives such as:

  • Sorting of waste in each office: separation of paper and plastic; organise the collection of selected waste,
  • Box to collect used batteries,
  • Receptacle to collect ink toners,
  • Replacement of plastic cups with washable cups,
  • PCs and all lights to be switched off every evening and whenever a room is not in use,
  • Introduction of a policy for the responsible use of paper (in-house recovery and re-use of paper),
  • Paper re-cycling,
  • Generalise the use of re-cycled paper (photocopies, shop drawings, hand wipes),
  • Encourage use of the on premise restaurant (reduced travel),
  • Development, organisation and implementation of car-sharing in the company: create a charter, in-house information,
  • Invest in low-consumption light bulbs,
  • Consideration of environmental related issues as applicable to work clothes,
  • Encourage use of bicycles / trams thereby reducing carbon foot printing,
  • Train travel thereby reducing carbon foot printing,
  • Promote video conferences thereby reducing carbon foot printing,
  • Use a GreenPrint printer to produce our brochures with vegetable-based inks,
  • Preference for paper products from forests complying with sustainable management principles,
  • Always choose digital media over hard copy for all transmissions,
  • Reduce use of CDs and DVDs,
  • Recover used media,
  • Choose low-energy vending machines,
  • In the office, exclusive use of organic, fair-trade tea and coffee,
  • Use of the works committee to introduce green practices in the company.
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