What is BREEAM?

Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification standard is the most widely used across the world. Each building type has its own scheme. (BREEAM Courts, Ecohomes, Healthcare, education, offices, prisons …). BREEAM is an easy to use certification system which permits to know a building environmental performance. This certification system helps professional to improve their environmental impact. A BREEAM certification is a proof of their implication in a sustainable environmental approach. This approach also permits to get a better productivity, comfort and wellbeing of building occupants.

Certification process

It’s important to keep in mind that BREEAM is a certification for an entire building, not individual products. So, Clestra Hauserman products are able to contribute to BREEAM certified projects, but are not able to be certified as a product.

BREEAM certification is separated in different chapters to cover the whole process of a building environmental evaluation. Each of them allows points, called credits, measuring the building contribution in its lifecycle.

Please find below the detail of available credit in each chapter:

Management 10 credits available
Health and Wellbeing 14 credits available
Energy 21 credits available
Transport 10 credits available
Water 6 credits available
Materials  12 credits available
Waste 7 credits available
Land use and Ecology 10 credits available
Pollution 12 credits available
Innovation 10 credits available
Total 112 credits available 
(bonus credits included)


The result is classified in a certification level scale as follow:

BREEAM rating Score in % 
Unclassified <30
Pass ≥30
Good ≥45
Very good ≥55
Excellent ≥70
Outstanding ≥85


Clestra Hauserman products have a direct favourable effect on the following seven chapters :

Health and Wellbeing 

Hea 3 Glare control 1 credit available
Hea 9 Volatile Organic Compounds 1 credit available
Hea 13 Acoustic Performance 1 credit available



Mat 1 Materials Specification 4 credit available 
(major building elements)
Mat 5 Responsible sourcing of materials 3 credit available 
(new build/refurbs)
2 credit available (Fit out)



Wst 1 Construction Site Waste Management 4 credit available
(New build/Refurb)
2 credit available (Fit out)



Inn 1  Innovation 10 credits available